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29 September, 2023

ipl skin rejuvenation Chalfont St Peter

What Is Polynucleotide Treatment?

Polynucleotides are currently taking the aesthetics industry by storm. They’re being
described as the ‘Gold Standard’ in skin regeneration due to their impressive results.

What is a polynucleotide treatment?

A polynucleotide treatment is like a burst of sunshine for our cells! Picture it as a super
special recipe for our genetic material, made up of tiny, linked units called nucleotides.
These little guys are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, our genetic instructions.
When we talk about a polynucleotide treatment, we’re essentially talking about giving our
cells a boost of these amazing instructions in a carefully crafted way. It’s like handing them a
recipe book with all the secrets for optimal function and repair.

For around 40 years now, scientists have been working tirelessly to harness the power of
polynucleotides to help our bodies heal and rejuvenate. When used for aesthetic purposes,
this treatment can be used as a skin boosting treatment that paves the way for a fresher,
youthful appearance.

How do polynucleotides work?

So, imagine our skin cells having a fabulous dance party, following these new and improved
genetic instructions, all thanks to the magic of polynucleotide treatments. It’s like a happy
little makeover for our genetic code, and the results? Well, they could be positively radiant!

The treatment itself is a breeze. Your healthcare provider will skillfully and gently apply the
polynucleotides, infusing your skin with the nourishing power of genetic instructions. It’s like
giving your skin a cheerful pep talk from the inside out. Once the polymerised injectable gel
has been administered, it will integrate with the cells in the deeper layers of the skin and
attract moisture. This is what makes the fibroblasts leap into action, increasing the
production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Treatment time is only 30 minutes, and we may recommend 3-4 sessions for optimal results.

How does a polynucleotide treatment rejuvenate the under eyes?

Polynucleotide treatments are coming to Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic, and one area
that this treatment is particularly useful for is rejuvenating the area beneath the eyes. Like
little messengers of radiance, polynucleotides will encourage the cells within this delicate
region to perk up and shine. This can help to reduce puffiness and lighten the shadows that
develop beneath the eyes.The skin around your eyes can also start to feel more supple and
plumped, like a happy, little cushion of youthfulness – fine lines and wrinkles might just take a
step back!

As the days go by, you might notice a new sparkle in your eyes. They’ll feel refreshed,
bright, and positively radiant, as if they're dancing with joy. You’ll be amazed at how your
eyes become the centre of attention, drawing everyone in with their newfound vibrancy. It’s
like having a spotlight on your captivating gaze!
With your revitalised under-eye area, you’ll feel an extra spring in your step and a boost of
confidence. The effects of polynucleotide treatments continue to blossom, leaving you with a
long-lasting glow that makes every day a happy, bright-eyed adventure!

Polynucleotides for under eye rejuvenation are now available at Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin
Clinic in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire. Contact our clinic today to book your Polynucleotide treatment.

Polynucleotide Treatment


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