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5 May, 2023



Lip fillers continue to be popular with many people, whether they’re looking to enhance their
look, or to help reverse the signs of ageing with this feature. However, recent trends for the
appearance of the lips are changing. Whilst hydrated skin and defined borders are still in
demand, subtle volume is replacing the overfilled look for lips that are more natural looking in
shape and size.

At Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic we perform a natural lip filler treatment using light
density dermal fillers. Not only do we produce fuller looking lips and smoother skin, we also
create the right balance and harmony to compliment the facial features in their entirety.
To achieve great natural looking results takes more than just a fine needle and the right
dosage of filler – although these are important factors. There are a number of other
considerations, including:

Lip anatomy

The lips are one of the main focal points of the face. They play a major role in facial
aesthetics and facial functions, especially when we’re communicating. It’s important that the
lips continue to work in this way, which is often due to the way they’re structured.
Skin, muscles and fat are the components that need to be accounted for when considering
lip filler treatment. Dermal fillers need to work with delicate, thin skin, several groups of
muscles and minimal fatty deposits in order to continue to move freely and maintain a
natural appearance.

Understanding the structure of the lips is essential in ensuring the treatment is carried out
safely and maintains your well-being. The lips also contain more nerves and blood vessels
than other areas of the face which can lead to excessive bleeding and nerve damage if
they’re not applied with precision.

Lip ratio

Maintaining a natural look when enhancing the size of the lips is often achieved through a
careful consideration of the top to bottom lip ratio. We generally follow the ‘rule of thirds’
whereby the top lip is ⅓ of your lips’ overall size and the bottom lip makes up ⅔.
Having said this, some people have a naturally more even balance which requires a 50/50

Individual characteristics

How the rest of your face is formed can impact the overall look of your lip filler treatment.
Our aim at Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic is to accentuate your appearance, and we’re
sure it’s yours too. Volumising the lips is a common request, but how much volume is
suitable for you can depend on other characteristics. Noticeably larger lips can overpower a
smaller chin, or a petite face with small eyes, working against your features rather than
complementing them.

Lip shape

As well as adding volume, improving the shape of the lips is often one of the main aims of a
lip filler treatment. It’s important to note that fillers work with the natural structure of the lips
to enhance their overall shape. Often by increasing the size, we can appear to create a more
defined shape. Where we place the filler is crucial when achieving this goal, applying the soft
gel to the area around the edges of the lip(s), known as the ‘vermillion border’. Injecting filler
into the periorbital area (between the base of the nose and the top lip) can help to create a
flip to the top lip, and additional volume at the two points on the top lip accentuates the
cupid’s bow.

Dr Grace Kelly’s skilled team of aesthetic doctors are highly trained and experienced. We perform your lip
filler treatment with precision, and consider the factors explained in this blog when looking to
achieve your desired goal. Our honest and open approach will help you understand if the
results you expect are the results we’ll achieve, and we don’t promise what cannot be

So, if you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your lips whilst maintaining a natural
looking shape and size, contact Dr Grace Kelly aesthetic skin clinic today!



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