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6 January, 2023

Fat Dissolving Treatment Rickmansworth

EMSculpt is one of those devices that seems to be good to be true – but take it from us, it
really is true. This amazing piece of technology is revolutionising body contouring methods
within aesthetics, and when patients hear about it, they can’t wait to get started.

So, what is EMSculpt?

Many people think of EMSculpt as the gym, but without all the equipment. Confused? Well,
let us explain more. When you exercise at the gym you move and work your body (often with
the use of specific pieces of equipment / weights) in ways that help to build muscle and burn
fat, as well as increasing your level of fitness. With EMSculpt you can do this simply by
having the device attached to your body, whilst relaxing on one of our comfortable treatment
beds. We know this sounds silly, but this really is how it works. But more than that (yes,
there’s more), EMSculpt can work your body more intensely than it’s able to do by itself.

Exercising requires repeated motions to contract the muscles, increase your heart rate and
energise the body. Typically the average person with a moderate level of fitness is likely to
be able to do around 30 or 40 air squats in 1 minute. With EMSculpt, muscles will contract
20,000 times in a single 30 minute treatment session – the equivalent of around 666
contractions in 1 minute. Impressed? So are we.
At that rate, the body is able to receive the same workout in 30 minutes that is often
achieved in a 6 or 12 week exercise programme.

How does it work?

The EMSculpt device has a range of different sized applicators for use on various areas of
the body. The appropriate applicator, which can even work through light clothing, is attached
to the chosen body area using a secure strap. Our therapist will begin using a lower setting,
and gradually increase the intensity according to your level of tolerance. High Intensity
Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) energy is the innovative technology behind EMSculpt
which causes the muscles to contract. During the 30 minute session there will also be
carefully timed ‘resting phases’ whereby the machine will enable the body to flush out lactic
acid produced by the muscles as they work, reducing any discomfort.

What are the benefits?

EMSculpt is able to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, which is great for both
slimming and toning the body. By working the body in this way, you can reap all the benefits
of a high intensity workout, but without any of the downtime, muscle fatigue, aching and
sweating. Many people will spend around 1 hour working out, so by using EMSculpt you can
cut your workout time in half.
Your recommended EMSculpt course can see an average fat loss of around 19%, and an
increase in muscle strength of around 16%. In addition to improving your body shape,
EmSculpt can also improve your posture and strengthen your core.

Where can I get EMSculpt?

With the start of a New Year and the tradition of making a resolution, improving one’s well-
being is often top of the list. If you’re one of these people and becoming healthier, fitter and
in better shape is your goal for 2023, then look no further than EMSculpt.
This amazing body contouring treatment is available at Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic
in Chalfont St. Peter, Gerrards Cross (Buckinghamshire), following a thorough consultation with one of
our experienced therapists.

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