Are There Any Side Effects With A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

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Looking to change the shape of your nose? Previously, you would have had only one option – to go under the knife for a traditional nose job. Now, we are seeing more and more patients considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty to achieve the shape and size of nose they want – but are there any side effects


Also known as a liquid nose job, non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of nose filler or dermal fillers to create a more symmetrical nose. From a small bump on the nose to redefining your nose tip, nose fillers are a simple and quick treatment to help correct concerns you have about your nose shape.


We often get patients asking what non-surgical rhinoplasty looks like and if there are any side effects from the treatment. Our expert practitioners at Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic are here to answer the most common questions. 


If you would like to know more about nose fillers, please contact our Buckinghamshire clinic to book an appointment. 




How does nonsurgical rhinoplasty work?


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that uses hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to temporarily change the shape of your nose. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body that helps give skin its shape, while also keeping it firm and full. 


By injecting dermal filler into different points of the nose, it can help fill out a thin nasal bridge, help to reduce a bump or create more shape to the nose. The treatment is relatively comfortable; however, we do apply a topical anaesthetic to the area first. This helps you have the best treatment experience possible. 


If you are wanting a more permanent change, then plastic surgery will still be your best option. Although this does come with more risks, takes longer to recover from and is a lot more expensive. 


What can you treat with a non-surgical nose job?


Non-surgical rhinoplasty helps to change your nose’s shape so that it better suits your facial structure. At the Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we tailor our liquid rhinoplasty treatments to your individual needs. We will discuss the results you want to achieve at your initial consultation. This will help you make the best decision for you.


Below are the most common nose concerns we help treat with dermal filler:


  •       Slightly crooked nose
  •       Bump on the nose bridge
  •       Lift drooping nose tip
  •       Treat a ‘hooked nose’
  •       To help build up a small nose
  •       To help raise a flat nasal bridge
  •       To enhance the definition or height of the nose


During your consultation, one of our practitioners will provide advice on the right course of treatment to help improve the shape of your nose. 

Are there any side effects with a nonsurgical nose job?

After a non-surgical nose job, it is completely normal to see some mild redness, bruising and swelling at the site of injection. You will start to see this go down within 24-48 hours. Your practitioner will discuss the best ways to help you reduce any possible side effects of liquid rhinoplasty at your consultation. 


You may also be wondering if non-surgical rhinoplasty is safe. The short answer is yes, but only if you choose an expert provider for your dermal filler treatment. Our doctors and practitioners are expertly trained in how to inject dermal fillers safely to achieve great results.


Going to a local salon where providers may not be experts can run the risk of fillers being injected incorrectly. This can lead to blocking of blood vessels and arteries, which can lead to vascular complications.


How long do non-surgical nose jobs last?


The results of your non-surgical nose job are instant and can last anywhere from 6-18 months. How long they last will depend on aspects such as your metabolism or lifestyle. You can also have a top-up treatment after six months to help enhance your results.


While dermal fillers do not provide a permanent solution to your nose concerns, they do help to change the shape and, in some cases, the size of your nose. However, unlike a surgical procedure, dermal fillers do not alter your facial anatomy. This means you can enhance the way you look without making any dramatic changes to your face. 

How to maximise the results of your non-surgical nose job


  1.     Develop a solid skin care routine that keeps your skin hydrated.
  2.     Drink plenty of water – again this keeps your skin hydrated. Dermal filler can shrink if your body is dehydrated.
  3.     Don’t put too much pressure on your nose. This includes wearing heavy glasses or sleeping on your front.
  4.     Ask your doctor or practitioner about the best time to look at top-up treatments to help you maintain your results. 


The first steps in your nonsurgical nose job journey

Deciding on where dermal filler treatment is right for you is a big step. That’s why at the Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we provide all patients with an in-depth consultation. This is where you can learn more about the treatment, see how it works and ask any questions you might have.


We want you to make the best decision for you, so we always provide clear and honest advice on all our skin treatments. That way, when you do decide to go ahead, you will feel confident and happy with your choice.


Start today by booking an appointment with a member of our Buckinghamshire clinic team.



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