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For an effective acne treatment in Beaconsfield, look no further than the experts at the Dr Grace Kelly Aesthetic Skin Clinic.

We are a team of experienced professionals who understand how to treat acne and give your skin that looks clear and radiant. We can help you understand more about why you develop acne or acne scarring and what treatments will work best for your skin type. 

Our trained practitioners will develop a bespoke treatment plan during your initial consultation based on your skin goals. We aim to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and confident in their choice to have treatment so that you leave us looking good and feeling good too. 


What are the causes of acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that can affect men and women of any age. It occurs when excess oil (sebum), bacteria and dead skin cells start to clog your hair follicles or pores. This leads to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples forming on the skin.

Hormonal changes during puberty or menstruation are one of the most common triggers of excess oil production. However, genetics, diet, stress levels and the weather can also have an effect on how much oil your skin produces. 

Acne can appear across the face, jawline, neck, chest or back. This is where you have the most sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands). 

What causes acne can depend on your own skin’s chemistry. This is why what causes acne in one person might not cause acne in another. 

If you are suffering from persistent acne spot breakouts, you should consult with a skin expert. They will be able to identify what may be causing your acne and develop a bespoke treatment plan. Finding a way to treat acne that works for you and your skin is the first step to achieving smoother and clearer-looking skin. 

Why do I have acne scarring?

Not everyone who has acne breakouts will develop acne scars. you are more likely to develop acne scarring if you have severe acne, which includes pustules, nodules or cysts. 

Acne scarring results from your body’s wound-healing response to an acne lesion. One of the main causes of acne scars is when acne spots cause inflammation in the surrounding skin. This can lead to your skin producing too much collagen during the healing process, which results in scar tissue forming. 

Different skin types are also more prone to developing acne scarring. Those with darker skin tones are more likely to suffer from acne scars. This is because darker skin types produce more melanin during the wound-healing process, which can result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

If you suffer from acne breakouts it is important not to squeeze or pop your pimples. This too can increase your chances of developing acne scars. 

The longer you leave severe acne untreated, the more likely you are to see acne scarring. However, if you do suffer from scarring, there are treatments available to reduce the appearance of scars or in some instances remove them completely.

Acne removal Beaconsfield 

When looking for acne treatments, you want to find a treatment that will help destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. 

From laser treatments to skin peels, there are a number of options you can look at. But knowing which treatment is right for you starts with an in-depth skin consultation. This is where our skincare professionals will assess your skin health and develop a bespoke treatment plan that will address your acne concerns. 

IPL skin rejuvenation 

IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses bursts of light to kill acne-causing bacteria. IPL works in the deep layers of your skin to remove pigmented skin cells from your body. 

It also boosts your internal cleansing system, which stimulates the production of new and healthy skin cells. As a result, you will see your acne start to fade and your skin will look more radiant.

You may start to see results after just one treatment; however, we do recommend having a course of 3-6 treatments to help you achieve a clear complexion. 

Chemical peels 

Chemical peels are popular for helping to treat acne and other skin conditions. They use a chemical solution to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. Certain chemical peels can also help reduce acne-causing bacteria and control oil production in your skin. 

There are light, medium and deep skin peels. The type of peel you have will depend on your skin type and your skin needs. A course of chemical peels can give you an improved skin texture, as well as a fresher and clearer complexion.

The results of chemical peels can vary. Depending on the strength of your peel and how many treatments you need, it can take a few weeks or a few months for your final results to show. 


The HydraFacial helps to detox and deep cleanse your skin using a six-step process to rejuvenate your skin. The treatment helps to reveal skin that looks fresher and glows. Not only is it suitable for all skin types, but it treats a number of different skin conditions including acne and dull skin. 

HydraFacials help with current acne breakouts, but they also help kill acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts. It does this by gently exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells. This allows for topical serums to penetrate deeper into your skin to reduce acne and signs of inflammation. 

It also uses LED light therapy to increase collagen prediction, reduce redness and calm your skin. This helps to provide full skin rejuvenation. 

You can see results in just one or two treatments. However, this will depend on your skin type and the severity of your acne. 

Book a consultation to find the best acne removal treatment for you.

Acne scars treatment Beaconsfield 

If your acne spots have left you with acne scarring, we can help reduce their appearance with one or a combination of the following treatments:

SkinPen microneedling 

Microneedling is a treatment that uses tiny needles to create micro punctures in the skin. By creating these punctures, your body triggers its wound-healing response. As a result, your body produces new collagen and elastin to help smooth and improve the texture of your skin. 

It helps to treat acne scarring by breaking down your scar tissue. This encourages new and healthy skin cells to grow in its place. We recommend that you have a course of at least three microneedling treatments, every 4-6 weeks. You will start to see an improvement in your skin texture in the first few weeks, but it can take a few months to see the full results. 

Laser skin resurfacing 

Laser skin resurfacing works by using heat energy to break down and improve the appearance of acne scarring. It does this by removing the damaged layers of your skin, which promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells. 

It can help tackle most types of acne scars, but it also works well for reducing skin pigmentation, as well as firming and smoothing out your skin. 

Laser skin resurfacing is not suitable for darker skin types. If you have darker skin, our microneedling or Profhilo treatment is a better alternative to treat your acne scarring. 

You will need a course of treatments to see a reduction in acne scarring. You can expect your final results to show 3-6 months after your last treatment session. 

Contact us for more information on acne scar treatments.

Next steps for your acne treatment

Acne differs from person to person so it is important to find the right treatment for you and your skin. 

This is why we ensure every patient has a consultation with one of our practitioners at our Beaconsfield skin clinic. During this appointment, we will assess your skin, look at your medical history and work with you to develop a treatment plan that will provide you with the results you are looking for. 


Acne Treatments

How to find our skin clinic near Beaconsfield 

You can find our clinic in Chalfont St. Peters, Gerrards Cross. We are only a 12-minute drive from the centre of Beaconsfield. We also have plenty of parking spaces next to the clinic if you are travelling by car. 


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About Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield is a charming town located in the county of Buckinghamshire, England. It has a rich history, which gives it an old-world charm, while its modern way of life makes it a great place to live and visit. 

It has a vibrant shopping scene with a mix of independent boutiques, antique shops, and well-known high street brands. The local farmers market is a popular place for locals to buy fresh produce and local foods. 

Nature lovers will love Beaconsfield’s proximity to green spaces and parks. The nearby Chiltern Hills provide plenty of opportunities to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. The beautiful landscapes also make it a good spot to have a picnic.

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